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Please Do Not Use or Send Unauthorized Copies of Our Book

It's come to our attention that the digital files of our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package, are being  sent to people who aren't paying for them. This is illegal for both parties and, in addition, is just wrong.

We spent a lot of time working on the book and update it frequently. as a matter of fact, we are now on the 7th edition. Each time we learn the State of Texas has changed something about the parole process we revise the book.

We have kept the cost down due to using the digital format but if people continue to pass unauthorized copies around then we will be forced to change to a printed format, raise our prices, and thus you will be making it harder on all of the other people who need our help.

It is expensive to revise the book and run the websites and the book helps to defray the costs. In addition, what goes around comes around and people who do this are committing theft. Surely you don't want that on your conscience for the future and don't want to have to worry about what consequences will befall you from such a dishonest act?

Please, if you need a copy of the book then buy it through the website. We don't mind if the guys and gals in prison pass around the printed copies but when you purchase a digital file / eBook it is for you and you alone, don't share it with anyone else.

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