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Our Book On How to Put Together an Effective Texas Parole Packet

The hardest part of preparing a Texas parole packet is knowing what to put in there, and that's where our e-book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package can assist you.

The book provides not only the laws and statutes that apply to parole, all in one convenient location, but it also provides forms and examples of what needs to go into a parole packet and, more importantly, why.

There were almost 80,000 parole applications considered in Texas during the 2011 reporting year and of that number 24,432 paroles were granted (31%).

What made these applicants more "parole worthy" than the rest? Were they just better people?

No, or at least not in every case.

The book explains what we believe makes the difference in the parole process, and explains it an easy to understand  format that anyone can understand and use.

In addition, the ebook is instantly downloadable in an easy to use PDF format so that even someone who has little computer experience can immediately begin putting together a parole packet that is effective. 

We also have the book available in a special bundle, which includes both the downloadable digital file and a printed copy which can be mailed to you or to someone in prison so they can help with the preparation of their package.

The book includes the latest revisions to the parole laws and the Texas parole guidelines scores.

We are anticipating a price hike after Christmas due to the increased costs, so order now! If you place the order quickly the printed copy will be sure to arrive at the prison (if that's where you want it sent) in time for the holidays.

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