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Why Haven’t You Done a Texas Parole Packet?

HOW_TO_PREPARE_A_TEXAS_2014_EditionPreparing a good parole packet can make the difference between an offender making parole or having to sit in prison another year.

So why haven't you done one?

Yes, we realize that if you are reading this then you aren't in prison but you have a loved one or at least a friend there or you wouldn't be visiting this website.

The Texas parole system is unique in that, unlike what you see on television or in the movies, the members of the parole board never actually meet the person whose fate they are deciding.

What happens in Texas is that as the vote approaches, a file is sent to at least two of the three voting members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. That file will contain the offender's information maintained by the prison including disciplinary records, information concerning the crime, and any classes taken. It will also contain a report prepared by an investigator for the Board, often after an interview with the prisoner that lasts only a few minutes. The file can also contain any information that the District Attorney's office or the police send.

It also contains the "mug shot" of the prisoner taken either at the time they were arrested or after they entered TDCJ when they are pale, tired, and all of their hair has been cut off. As you can imagine, this type of picture makes everyone look like a danger to society and also like every other prisoner.

That's it. The voting members make their decision based solely on what is in that file and without a parole packet prepared by someone that has a personal interest in the offender making parole then the chances that they will actually be released are probably even lower than the roughly 30% average chance.

That's why a Texas Parole Packet is so important!

By having a plan and taking a little time with the preparation of the packet the chances of being approved parole improve substantially.

Many people can't afford to hire a lawyer to handle the parole and don't believe that they are capable of doing one themselves, even if it means their loved one spends another year away from their family.

That fear of not being able to successfully prepare a parole packet is a fear that is absolutely unfounded.

Our book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet, provides all of the information (plus a little more) that you need to prepare the packet. It explains why certain things are included in the packet, where to find information, and also provides specific forms and a format to follow. In addition, it provides copies of statutes and other information to provide background information on the whole process.

No one can guarantee any prisoner will make parole their next time up but by using the methods and ideas contained in our book, we can guarantee that anyone who can read can prepare a good packet and that a good parole packet increases the chances of success.

How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet is available as an instantly downloadable ebook in PDF format, or as a bundle containing both the ebook and a printed copy which can be sent to the person ordering it or can be sent into the prison so that the offender can assist in preparing the packet. This not only increases the quality of the packet but also provides a task to pass the time while they are incarcerated and gives them a goal to work toward.

Click here to order your copy today!

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