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New Parole Law Makes it Easier for Foreigners to Achieve Parole

While Texas politicians are concerned with keeping Texans behind bars (and reducing any rehabilitative programs as well as food programs in the prison system), the budget woes allowed them a backdoor way to address immigration issues as well.

On September 1, 2011, a new law took effect in Texas that made it easier for criminal offenders who are foreign born to make parole.

The reason behind this, according to various reports, is to ease the financial burden on the state by deporting them instead of having them in the prison system or on parole.

ABC News reported that many foreign offenders immediately being preparing and sending Texas parole packets to the board seeking to take advantage of the new laws, some preparing the packets themselves wile other use Texas parole lawyers. 

While we at applaud any time Texas makes steps toward making the parole system more equitable we do have concerns that in this case they have actually created a law that will allow non-citizens to enjoy being free in their country while some citizens of the U.S. will continue to be away from their families in the Texas Prison System.  Hardly fair but, after all, this is Texas.

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