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Good Article on the Private Prison Industry / Racket

prisonAlthough we usually focus on issues involving Texas prison life or Texas parole or, even more often, Texas parole packets, we do keep an eye on anything to do with the Texas prison system.

Politico magazine/website carries an article today about the way the private prison industry is run and the problems with it.

The article discusses several state and, while it doesn't name the prison, does talk about the situation at the Dawson facility where the allegations are CCA allowed a young woman to bleed to death by denying medical treatment.

From what we know, Dawson was an absolute hell hole with drugs, alcohol, and other problems rampant in the facility. The Texas prison system, which is still abysmal, is a ton better with this place closed down.

Now if they could just get some relief for the prisoners who will have to suffer through 100+ degrees every day this summer with no relief. There are a number of lawsuits pending on that issue and hopefully the days of the "hotbox", which is no longer supposed to be used, will actually be gone.

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