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Proposed Change in Texas DWI Law

Like Texas didn't already have enough ways to put people in jail, lawmakers are not going to discuss adding a new crime of Driving While Abilities Impaired (DWAI). This will allow charges to be brought in cases where people's breath alcohol content tests at .05 and above. The current limit or a DWI charge is .08 and above.

A .05 level is just above, for most people, the amount a person would test at if they consumed two beers over a two hour period. The Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee has been holding hearings on the matter and has heard from members of the law enforcement community. It will be interesting to see  how many people opposed to this new charge testify and what evidence is presented that the .05 level contributes to traffic accidents.

If you are opposed to this change in the law be sure and let your legislator know.

More to come in the future.

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