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New Laws Go Into Effect on 9/1/2011

Just a reminder, in Texas the new laws go into effect on September 1 of the year of a legislative session, which is today. While there are around 700 new Texas laws which took effect today there are 3 that are of particular interest. One new Texas law makes it a crime to impersonate someone online without obtaining his or her permission with the intent to harm, defraud, threaten or intimidate. Since this law is new there is no telling how it will be applied, but it certainly is somethingRead More

Proposed Change in Texas DWI Law

Like Texas didn't already have enough ways to put people in jail, lawmakers are not going to discuss adding a new crime of Driving While Abilities Impaired (DWAI). This will allow charges to be brought in cases where people's breath alcohol content tests at .05 and above. The current limit or a DWI charge is .08 and above. A .05 level is just above, for most people, the amount a person would test at if they consumed two beers over a two hour period. The Texas Senate Criminal Justice CommitteeRead More

Texas Juries Strike Again – Life Sentence for DWI

First, let me add that I realize DWI can have serious effects. It can result in death of innocent people. The gentleman in this case out of Williamson County, Bobby Joe Stovall, had 8 prior DWI convictions when he had a wreck in Round Rock injuring a female passenger. In addition, his blood alcohol level (BAC) was tested at .32, 4 1/2 times the legal limit.  Stovall also had convictions for burglary of a habitation in 1994 and credit card abuse in 1987 and had served prison terms in both ofRead More