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Texas Parole Board Gives Standardized Reasons for Denial Vote

When an offender is denied parole by the Texas Parole Board they receive a generic standardized reason for the denial.  The standardized reasons provide some insight into what they find important when making a decision for parole.

  • Criminal History – Indicates a predisposition to commit criminal acts, gang activity, felony arrests or misdemeanor offenses.
  • Nature of the Offense – Indicates one or more violent acts indicating a conscious disregard for the lives, safety or property of others.
  • Drug or Alcohol Involvement – Offender’s record indicates excessive drug or alcohol involvement.
  • Institutional Adjustment – Offender’s record indicates there have been major disciplinary offences during the last six months or a pattern of infractions since the last review.
  • Adjustment During Periods of Supervision – the offender had unsuccessful periods of previous supervision while on probation or parole.
  • Participation in TDCJ-CID Programs – The offender refuses to participate or complete TDCJ-CID programs.
  • Time Served – The offender has not served enough time.
  • Felony Offense – The offender has been charged with a felony committed while incarcerated.

Often, more than one of these reasons apply but the board responds with only one reason.  Some of the reasons are vague and subjective; however, it does provide information on what the offender can do to increase their chances for parole.  

While a family member may read the denial list and feel parole is not reachable for their loved one,  all hope is not lost.  It is our experience that by presenting a complete and thorough Texas Parole Presentation Packet, offenders can increase their chances for parole even though one or more reasons for denial may apply.  

A good Parole Package provides reasons why an offender should be granted parole.  Anyone can prepare an effective Texas Parole Packet. All they need is the information contained in our eBook, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet available as both as an instantly downloadable eBook and as a bundle of the eBook and a printed book (which can be sent to the person in prison to allow them to help with the preparation of the package).


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