Galveston Judge Does the Right Thing

Although it is really outside the area of what to do about Texas paroles and how to apply for parole in Texas, there is an article at The Daily News – Galveston County that requires a big "Well Done!" to a Galveston County judge, Susan Criss.

I won't belabor the facts, you can read the story at the link above, but Judge Susan Criss ordered an acquittal of a man on trial for the aggravated robbery of a Dollar General store.

The jury was ordered to acquit after the defense attorney revealed that the District Attorney's office had failed to provide a copy of a 911 tape until the night before the judge made the ruling (presumably after trial had started) despite the fact that it contained evidence that exonerated the accused. The problem appeared to be that a witness identified the accused from a line up, despite telling the 911 operator that she didn't even know the race of the robber because they were wearing a ski mask.

In addition, the police failed to investigate the accused's alibi, which would have proven through cell phone records that he was not even in the city the night of the robbery.

The man had been in jail for ten months at the time of the trial.

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