Supreme Court Halts Prisoner Execution in Texas

Although we usually don't discuss the death penalty on here, one reason being that it has nothing to do with parole in Texas, I have been fighting with my conscience in the last few weeks on whether to address the issue of the prison system being about to use a new chemical for lethal injection because they had run out of stores of the old chemical and couldn't acquire any more. I guess that is one result of a prison system that executes people in an assembly line process.

However, I felt it worthwhile to at least mention that the U.S. Supreme Court issued an order early this morning preventing the execution of Cleve Foster. The 30 day stay was not based on the new drug mixture but rather on a separate challenge to his sentence and a claim that the state-appointed attorney who represented his appeals was ineffective. This is less likely to succeed in the long term since only the bare minimum of competence is necessary to be adequate.

Still, it's something.

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