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How to Avoid the #1 Parole Packet Mistake

This may seem a little elementary but the #1 mistake people make when preparing a Texas Parole Packet either for themselves or for a friend or family member is easily avoided.

First, some of you may not be aware of what a parole packet does. We'd encourage you to read a couple of our other articles so that you are aware of how the system works. The ones we suggest you read first are :

  1. How Does the Texas Parole Board Make Their Decisions, and
  2. Parole Interviews in Texas.

The reason these articles are important is that many people believe the parole system works the way they see it in movies and television and it absolutely does not.

The Texas Parole procedures are entirely different and anyone preparing a parole packet in Texas, whether it be a layman or a Texas Parole Attorney should be aware of how things really work.

The parole packets are actually not that difficult to prepare. Some people want to hire a parole attorney in Texas to help them, and we certainly encourage that if it is at all possible but if finances prevent this (and almost everyone's finances are tight right now) then we encourage you to order our instantly downloadable e-book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet which contains forms, instructions and examples for all of the different parts of the packet. The book is available in a digital format or in a bundle containing a printed book and a digital download of the book. The printed copy can be sent to you or the person in prison so that they can assist in working on their own materials.

Back to the #1 mistake people preparing a parole packet make.

They don't have a clear purpose or clear plan when they put the packet together.

Without a cohesive theme or purpose behind the packet then the effort is not as valuable as it could be because the packet will come across as a jumble of unorganized papers.

Our book explains what we feel the primary purpose of the parole packet should be and explains how to prepare and organize the packet with this purpose in mind. A clear objective in the preparation will allow each individual item in the packet to work together to achieve its goal, the release of the offender on parole.


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