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Parole Guidelines Scores

One of the most important parts of the parole process is the evaluation of the Parole Guidelines Score. The calculation of this appears to be  a complicated procedure to someone who doesn't work with it regularly. In our book, "How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package", available for an instant download, we have given easy to follow instructions on how to make the calculations. By being able to make this calculation correctly you can spot potential problems and address them in the parole packet, rather than finding out only when the parole is denied.

This guideline score is used to evaluate the likelihood that a person will commit another crime or successfully complete their parole. Unfortunately, they try to put a number on a person without actually knowing them. However, now that you are aware of this criteria you at least will not be surprised.

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2 Comments to Parole Guidelines Scores

  1. I have  friend that is a Texas Inmate and  has too many college credits to be place in any TDCJ education program.   Are there other outside programs that she could complete in order to help her Parole Score?
    Curt Lewis

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