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Christmas in Prison

It's the holiday season again and those of you with friends and loved ones in prison should take a moment to remember them. It is especially hard on them, and you, this time of the year.

If you can, now is a good time to put a little money "on their books" so that they can get a little extra food, a sweatshirt or thermal underwear, or just a few extra niceties from the commissary. It is uplifting for them to be able to go to the prison store and get just a few things to help them remember there are people that love them.

Also, remember that the types of gifts you can send to them are very, very limited. Magazine subscriptions and books are always welcome, but they have to be sent directly from the book store or the publisher. The magazines can no longer have nudity, the prison will confiscate these so there is no need to spend the money on them.

If the inmate is looking at parole in the next year you may want to consider our book "How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package", written by a psychology professional and a former attorney.

The book is now available through  and contains complete and easy to follow directions and forms to help prepare a Parole Presentation Package. It is available as an eBook for instant download, or in printed form.   For someone working on a parole package for an incarcerated loved one we suggest the eBook version as it is less expensive and can be downloaded instantly. If you are ordering it and need it sent into a prison for someone, we will ship the printed version to the prison of your choice, but be sure and provide the person's name, TDC #, Unit and Unit Address. The printed version includes an eBook for instant download so you can have a copy as well.

The forms and instructions are designed to make the parole packet stand out from the rest, and with as little time as the parole board members have to review files, this can only help the chances of a parole in Texas.

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