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Lots and Lots of Bad Info and Scammers Out There

At we like to keep informed of what is going on both in the prison system and the things in the outside world that concern the people who are incarcerated along with their families. What we have seen is a phenomenal rise in both the number of entities trying to take advantage of people in times of trouble as well as scams. We’ve repeatedly made it clear that if you can afford to employ the services of a parole attorney then that is the route to take. We’ve alsoRead More

Frequently Asked Questions About Parole Support Letters

We get a lot of questions and hopefully this page will give you the answers you need concerning parole support letters. Q: Does the parole panel review the support letters? A: Support letters submitted by family, friends and inmates are placed in an offender's case file and are available to the parole panel to review during the parole review process. Q: What kind of information should be included in the support letter? A: Include any information that shows the parole board that an offender has the support of family andRead More

Christmas in Prison

It's the holiday season again and those of you with friends and loved ones in prison should take a moment to remember them. It is especially hard on them, and you, this time of the year. If you can, now is a good time to put a little money "on their books" so that they can get a little extra food, a sweatshirt or thermal underwear, or just a few extra niceties from the commissary. It is uplifting for them to be able to go to the prison store andRead More

Now is the Time for a Perfect Parole Package

As we've mentioned before, the Texas prison system is facing some serious budget problems, even to the point of where they are considering closing some of the contracted prisons such as Mineral Wells. It is extremely unlikely that the budget will be as high has it has been in the past and the only way to reduce the budget is to reduce the number of prisoners. Since local courts aren't going to quit sentencing people and local jails are full, the only solution is for them to turn more peopleRead More