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How a Parole Package Helps

how to prepare a texas parole packetWith frequency, Texas Parole Now gets asked “How does a parole package help someone make parole?”  

When it comes to the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole a parole package can provide the voting members background information about the offender. Obtaining the necessary documents to compile a good parole package can takes several months.

A parole package provides information such as inmates background, education, accomplishments, risk assessment, post-parole plans, and continued rehabilitative programs upon release.  The parole packet offers a picture of the potential parolee showing them as a loving family member, a person who has a support system waiting for them upon their release, and as something other than a criminal and a prisoner.

Statistics show inmates who file a good quality and complete parole package have a better chance at discretionary release than inmates who do not.

Texas Parole Now offers a step-by-step in-depth book on how to prepare a comprehensive Texas parole packet.   How to Prepare a Texas Parole Package is filled with easy to understand explanations and forms with each section of the book.  How to Prepare a Texas Parole Package is available in printed form (which can be mailed to an inmate) or as a downloadable PDF.  

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