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A Suggestion to Help People in Prison

While the main purpose of this website is to help people understand the parole process in Texas and also to educate them about the importance of parole packets, we also try to occasionally offer our insights into life inside prison and what can be done to make it easier on the offenders. We've mentioned before how a few dollars placed into an inmates commissary account can be a big deal and how uplifting "making store" can be, even if they only get a few soups and a soft drink. The prisonsRead More

Clash of Cultures in Prison

I know some people look at his website while they, or a loved one, are waiting to go to prison and that's a great idea because they are already starting to look ahead to their Texas parole and will be ahead of the game. (Don't forget to take a look at our book on parole in Texas at this link) However, this website is about prison life as well as how to get parole so there is an important topic to cover, that of the culture clashes which occur inRead More

Texas Prison Lockdowns

No, they're not all on lockdown right now so don't worry. I just noticed people asking about this issue on another site and while it doesn't strictly deal with Texas Parole or Texas Parole Packets it is still an issue with which the families and friends, not to mention the prisoners themselves, are concerned. A lockdown is where prisoners are confined to their cells or rooms, in some cases they aren't even allowed to leave their bunks, for a period of time. Every unit in the Texas Prison System, whetherRead More

First Days in the Texas Prison System – Part 1

To those people who have never been in prison or talked with someone who has been there (on the other side of the plexiglass), we thought we would offer a little insight into what happens from the time the prisoner is picked up at the county jail. This is for males, but I assume it works close to the same for females. Usually the first sign that a prisoner gets that he is being transferred is when the jailer yells out his name and tells him to get ready, TDCRead More