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CCA Being Investigated For Sexual Assault

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the corporation which has contracts to manage a number of Texas prisons, is currently under investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement  as a result of allegations that their guards were groping and propositioning female prisoners for sex. This investigation is being conducted due to actions at the T. Don Hutto facility in Taylor, Texas. 

To those familiar with CCA, these allegations come as no surprise. The company, which also manages the Mineral Wells PPTF, Bradshaw State Jail, and several others is known for being very concerned about the profit dollars and much less so about the quality of its employees or the safety and well being of the prisoners in their units.

The Mineral Wells facility in particular has a problem with employee turnover and prisoner injuries. One offender, remarking after yellow lines were painted through the compound, remarked, "They're sure pretty lines and they holler a lot about walking inside of them. I haven't quite figured out why they're not as concerned about these guys that keep getting beat up and life flighted out, but at least the lines are pretty."

Maybe Texas Department of Corrections should spend a little time talking to the prisoners at the facilities when they do their inspections, rather than just walking through with the CCA officials.

Mineral Wells is one of the units in Senator Whitmire's sights as a potential closure when the contract ends. For more on that look here.

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