Important Tip for Parole

Many people ask what is the most important thing a prisoner can do to make parole in Texas?

Obviously, staying out of trouble while in prison is the most important, but other than that it is making some kind of verifiable effort at what passes for "rehabilitation" in the Texas prison system.

That includes taking every class that they are allowed to take. Taking classes serves several purposes, the first is that it helps pass the time and makes it easier to stay out of trouble. Next, it shows some kind of self discipline to sign up for and complete a class.

Which classes? If the offender doesn't have a high school diploma then the GED class is incredibly important. In addition to making the offender more marketable in the workforce, it also shows a dedication that will be looked favorably upon by the parole board. 

If a GED isn't an option then any class is better than none.

As we discuss in great detail our book, "How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package", certificates of class completion can help distinguish one file from another and if all things are equal, we believe the nod will go to the offender who is taking affirmative steps to better themselves.

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