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Why Parole Packets Are Important for Texas Paroles

A good parole packet can be the difference between making parole in Texas and having to do more time in the Texas prisons.

However, many people are discouraged because they can't afford a Texas parole attorney and don't think they can do the work themselves but luckily they are incorrect.

While if you can afford a Texas parole lawyer then by all means hire one (especially one supports us providing important information by advertising on here!) but if you can't afford the expense then your loved one still has hope.

A Texas parole packet is important for a number of reasons (which are discussed in more detail in our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package available here) but chief among them is the fact that it allows your loved one's file to stand out from the pike of others.

As we have said before, if you look at the number of members of the Texas parole system who actually vote on granting paroles and the number of files they have to look at then it is obvious that they only have minutes for each one. Since the prison system and the criminal justice system puts information in the file, then in many cases the only information they have to influence their decision is information that doesn't reflect well on the potential parolee.

However, a properly prepared parole packet can allow a chance to present the person in a completely different light. It can allow you to change the perception from a "file and number" to that of a person with hopes, dreams, good points, and loved ones on the outside waiting for them.

How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package helps point you in the right direction and provides information, forms, and easy to follow examples that allow a better chance for parole and it is available for instant download so you can get started immediately.

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