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Williamson County DA, John Bradley, Defeated in Primary

While we try to stay out of politics on except as it relates directly to parole and prison issues we are going to break our own rule this once and say Yay! John Bradley, a pompous ass at best and a prosecutor that, like so many, forgot that his duty is to see that justice is done was defeated in the Republican primary. Many people will remember Bradley for two reasons, both of which are a black eye on the justice system. The first would be his role inRead More

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Attempts to Limit Review of Bad Evidence in Criminal Trials

On Friday, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott issued a ruling on limitations he believes are imposed on the Forensic Science Commission’s ability to investigate past cases, even those which result in death sentences. The opinion was issued following a request by the former Chairman of the commission, the from Williamson County John Bradley. The Forensic Science Commission first came under fire when they looked into a murder investigation which ended in the imposition of a death sentence and the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham. Experts on arson were hired by theRead More