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The Difference Between Texas Probation and Texas Parole

Parole Officer in Texas

Understand the difference between probation and parole. Both are an alternative to prison. Probation occurs prior to prison while parole is early release from prison.

Aggravated Crimes aka 3G Offenses and Their Effect on Parole

Criminal with Gun

Learn about what is a 3G offense in Texas, why does it matter if the crime is a 3G offense, how does 3G affect parole, and the special rules for serving time for a 3G offense.

Our Two Books: Understanding the Texas Parole Process and How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet

Texas Parole Now offers two books: our free book Understanding the Texas Parole Process which explains how the Texas parole process works and our premium book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet which how to create an effective parole packet.

How to Write a Texas Parole Packet

The most important factor in making parole is a well prepared Texas parole packet which emphasizes the strengths of the person who is incarcerated while at the same time offering a plan to handle any issues which the potential parolee may have upon release.

Lots and Lots of Bad Info and Scammers Out There

At we like to keep informed of what is going on both in the prison system and the things in the outside world that concern the people who are incarcerated along with their families. What we have seen is a phenomenal rise in both the number of entities trying to take advantage of people in times of trouble as well as scams. We’ve repeatedly made it clear that if you can afford to employ the services of a parole attorney then that is the route to take. We’ve alsoRead More