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Different Methods of Preparing for Parole and Preparing a Texas Parole Packet

Preparing a Texas Parole Packet

A good parole packet can mean the difference between being approved for parole and being denied and having to spend additional months, or even years, in prison. While no method guarantees success these offer the best chances.

Can You Get a Court Appointed Lawyer for Texas Parole?

Unfortunately in Texas, parole is (mistakenly in my opinion) considered a privielege, not a right. What this means is that many of the safeguards that are present in the criminal justice system, both before trial and on appeal, no longer exist when it is time to apply for parole. The right to have the state appoint a lawyer for someone that can't afford one is not present in a Texas parole application. There are a number of great Texas parole attorneys available (and some not so good) but all of them are forRead More