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How To Get Parole Status Of An Inmate By Telephone

Do you know someone who needs to be updated on the parole status of a loved one but does not have access to the internet?   We often receive requests about how someone who doesn't have access to the internet can find out the parole status of a a friend or family memeber. If you are getting this information for someone who does not have access to a computer then they have several options: If it is PRIOR to the inmate's parole vote by the Board of Pardons and Parole and you know theRead More

Find a Texas Prisoner / Offender’s Location and Parole Status

There seems to be a lot of confusion on the internet about how to find out where a prisoner is located in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and what is their parole status. It is actually easy to find out the latest information, although it can run a few days behind. If you look on the sidebar of the main page of our website there is a section called Helpful Websites. The third link from the bottom is Texas Prison Inmate Search. If you click on that link, whichRead More