Our Two Books: Understanding the Texas Parole Process and How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet

Texas Parole Now offers two books: our free book Understanding the Texas Parole Process and our premium book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet

Since the two books address different topics, we thought it would be a good time to explain the differences as well as why we choose to “give away” downloads of the one book.

Understanding the Texas Parole Process

Many people are not aware of how the parole system in Texas works and they believe it works the same as the systems that are seen in the movies (ex. Ocean’s 11, The Shawshank Redemption, etc.)

In Texas, the parole process actually begins the moment a person is arrested for a crime. Their time in the county jail while they are waiting to make bond, waiting for a trial, or, after a trial or plea bargain, waiting to be transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) all counts toward the time which must be “accrued” before an offender can be granted parole.

Therefore, the conduct of the offender, the classes they take, etc. all count just as if they had been in the actual prison the entire time.

In addition, many of the terms used in the parole process don’t appear to make any sense. For example, an offender has a date, based on a variety of factors, which is known as a Mandatory Discretionary Parole date.  Obviously, the terms mandatory and discretionary mean two things which are almost the opposite of each other. The free ebook explains these terms.

Essentially, the free ebook just explains how the parole process works. It does not explain how to do support letters, prepare a parole packet, or how to increase the chances for parole. It is also only available as an ebook, therefore we do not mail it to a prisoner or to anyone else.

If you choose to download it there is no charge for it at all, but it is limited in its scope.

Understanding the Texas Parole Process can be downloaded at this link.

How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet

Our premium book, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet, concentrates solely on what the offender and/or their family and friends outside the prison can do to increase the chances for success through the use of a Texas Parole Packet.

A Texas parole lawyer or a Texas parole attorney usually prepares a parole packet which is similar to the one described in this book. The attorney can also request an in person meeting, but these are rarely granted.

The parole packet is important because it allows the offender to show who they are as a person, instead of just a mug shot and a file with their crime described in it. The Texas parole packet also allows the offender to show their plans when they are released from prison. Having a plan in place can convince the voting members of the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole that the offender is less likely to commit another crime if released.

The decision on whether to release a prisoner on parole also is affected by what is known as a Parole Guidelines Score. This score is based on a variety of factors, all of which are discussed in this book and the method of making this calculation is explained in an easy to understand way. The book also provides examples of all sections of the books and forms which can be used to draft an offender’s own documents. We believe that by presenting this information as completely as possible in a way that makes it stand out from other files increases the chances of parole. This method and the strategies employed are covered in detail.

It is important to know that for most offenders a parole decision is based on the votes of two or three members of the parole board, not on the entire board.  If the first two voting members vote the same way, then the decision is made. If they disagree, the file is then sent to the third member for the tie breaking vote.  These votes are made solely on the basis of the file and the parole packet, at no time do the voting members meet with or ask questions of the potential parolee.

How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet is available for purchase as an ebook (a downloadable file), or as a bundle which includes the ebook (downloadable file) and the printed book. This printed copy of the book can be sent to the prisoner while someone on the outside has the ebook and they can work together to make the parole packet as complete as possible. The advantage of ordering the ebook is that examples and forms can be copied from the book and pasted into the parole packet, preventing a lot of extra typing.

While hiring a Texas parole lawyer is always the easiest way to complete a parole packet since they will tell you what you need to provide to them, it is an expensive process ($2,500 app.) and often doesn’t save that much time since you still have to gather all of the information for the lawyer.  Using our book and the process and strategies explained there, we believe the parole packet can be just as effective as one prepared by an attorney and at a fraction of the cost.

However, the premium book that we sell is the only one of the two that provides this information, the free book was written and is given away by us so that you won’t be confused by the terminology or the process used in the Texas parole system.

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