TDCJ Cuts Inmate Health Care Spending in 2020-2021

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has cut the spending on inmate health care in the 2020-2021 budget.

The University of Texas Medical Branch which provides health care for Texas inmates needs an additional $281.3 million just to meet the minimum standard of care and maintain the same level of care as today.

UTMB Vice President Ben Raimer has been telling Texas Legislatures for years that the “minimum standards” of care that Texas pays for was “barely constitutional” and on a thin line.

Now that we find out that the funding to maintain the current level is more than a quarter of a billion dollars less than what is needed, it may be that TDCJ will have another fight on their hands.

The Supreme Court through federal lawsuits has set forth what the minimum standards and TDCJ and prison officials do not look like they will meet them in 2020.

Texas still has problems with the competence of the guards they hire, the quality and quantity of food (many prisoners report finding plastic, staples, and other bits of debris in their meals), heat which is well above the tolerances a human can stand, and other types of failure to maintain human conditions. This is true whether the person is in prison for a few months or for many, many years.

Traditionally, at a time when the state is facing budget cuts, they tend to increase the number of paroles granted. That is why it is important to do everything legally possible to assist your friend or loved one in getting out of prison. When their turn to apply for parole arrives a little work ahead of time can result in the offender re-entering society by making parole as promptly as possible. Our book How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet provides easy to follow instructions and forms for creating a Texas parole package.

How to Prepare a Texas Parole Packet is available in ebook format as an instant download or in bundled form with an ebook and a printed book to be sent to an offender in prison or someone at home. Since we are an approved vendor there are no issues receiving our books at any of the Texas jails or prisons.

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